Globe Postpaid Review

Update (February 12, 2016): I have written a more recent version of Globe’s postpaid, introduced as My Fully Loaded Plan, now called ALL NEW Super Plan. Click here to view the more recent review.

Last Updated: July 7, 2010

Thinking of applying to a Globe postpaid plan? Think again. This blog post will serve as a guide if you intend to apply for a Globe postpaid account. If you can, you can still double-check the pros and cons if they still apply even nowadays (2010).

I remember, Globe was using the big G for its campaigns.

Globe Telecom’s wireless postpaid service was really a good back in 2003 up to 2007.

I was able to get my hands on their postpaid plans by signing up my Dad.

I wanted to sign up for a postpaid plan during those times because I hate going to AutoLoadMAX Stations whenever I needed prepaid credit and I hate buying prepaid cards repeatedly. Also, there were times that I was inside a bus and I needed so badly to send an SMS and call someone.

I applied twice using my Dad’s name. First, it was a line-only postpaid plan and the second one, it was a postpaid plan with a free handset (in their G-Text plan which costs P500).

Here is what you get when you apply for a line-only subscription for Globe postpaid (back in 2004):

  • Globe OptiSIM 128K. Globe OptiSIM 128K was the most powerful SIM card in the country back in 2004, but now 2010, they changed the branding of their Globe postpaid SIM card but still with the same capacity. Be careful not to lose your SIM card. I lost mine three times and I ended up paying a SIM Card replacement fee of P300, which was so expensive at that time.
  • Globe Postpaid Welcome Kit. The welcome kit was similar to those for prepaid subscribers, but thicker. It contains your Globe postpaid SIM card and all the features of the Globe Telecom wireless network. It contains the letter from the mobile subscription head officer of Globe Telecom and all the How To’s. It orients the subscriber what are the services that comes with your Globe handyphone and the rates for Globe’s postpaid subscriptions. You will find information such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, VoiceMail, Call Barring, International Roaming, Call Waiting, MMS, SMS, MyGlobe downloads, G-Plan and G-Flex subscription rates. It also contains the list of Globe Telecom Business Centers around the country, where you can pay your bill, and many more. During those times, 3G services were not yet being offered to Globe subscribers, may it be prepaid or postpaid. I like this guide because all you need is inside this kit.

I’ll then discuss the pros and cons of having a Globe Handyphone subscription from 2004~2008:


  • Reliable Customer Service. The customer service of Globe was very good. Globe separates customer service access for it’s Globe Platinum subscribers (those who pay at least 5,000), Globe regular postpaid subscribers, and Globe prepaid subscribers. Their 24/7 customer service is guaranteed. I remember calling their customer service hotline (211) at around 2 AM and they were still answering their subscribers.
  • Reliable billing service. You will have no problem with their billing. Whenever I have disputes with them, they always reverse the charges. For example, when I downloaded a polyphonic ringtones in their MyGlobe wap site, I clicked on Download and then the connection suddenly failed. Then I clicked Download many times and the download appeared in my bill many times. I told them, I had problems with the download and I ended up being charged 10 times. On the next billing cycle, I saw that they cancelled almost P200 worth of charges.
  • Reliable staff at Business Centers. Whenever I had questions in times I pass by their centers, they answer my questions adequately. They never fail to please me, wherever I go—may the business center be in my hometown, Naga City or when I moved to Quezon City (at SM North EDSA).
  • Rewarding offers to  renew your contract. I remembered that Globe sent me a text message that for being a Globe subscriber, I have the option of using P5000 as phone discount, G-Cash or bill rebates. I then opted for bill rebates so I ended up paying only at most P90 per month. I even upgraded my plan to G-Flex 800, which gave me more freedom.
  • Cheaper rates for postpaid. For all kinds of transaction fees, Globe postpaid subscribers are only charged P2.00 versus the P2.50 they charge for prepaid subscribers. Also, value added services costs less when you are on postpaid subscription.
  • Higher Share-A-Load limit. Yes. You can give a prepaid subcriber as high as P500 for Share-A-Load, which prepaid subscribers are not given.
  • You can choose your mobile phone number before your mobile subscription is activated. As long as a mobile phone number that you are requesting belongs to their “normal” cellphone numbers and that number is still available, you can get that number for free.
  • Pre-Activated International Roaming. Unlike SMART Gold subscribers, Globe postpaid subscribers need not go to Globe Business Centers like their prepaid subscribers to activate roaming services. This happened when they started rolling out to prepaid subscribers that in order to activate roaming, we just need to send an SMS to a special number. Also, back when the time when you needed to avail international roaming and you needed to go to a Globe Business Center, all you have to do was fill out their roaming form and you’re done. Globe won’t even be asking you for deposits.
  • Account Holder safety. What I like about their postpaid service is that they won’t allow the non-subscriber to make changes to a Globe postpaid account. Customer service agents usually ask a lot of questions about your account when you talk to them through their 24/7 hotline.
  • Globe remembers. I remember when it was my dad’s birthday, I received an SMS message from Globe. The message contains a birthday greeting. How sweet. ^__^
  • Postpaid subscribers always get the access to value added services first. Back at those times, there was this Globe streaming. Streaming at those times were initially available to Globe postpaid subscribers.


  • False “consumable” postpaid plans and false advertising. When I was able to change my subscription rate plan from a GText to a G-Flex, I observed that Share-A-Load transaction fee was included in my postpaid subscription, but the amount you gave to the prepaid subscriber was not included in the consumable plan. Hey, I thought it was consumable? Why won’t you let others consume my allotted consumable amount? I understand that when you are on their G-Plans, every MMS, International SMS, IDD calls, downloads and whatnots are not included in your monthly subscription fee. I understand that when Unlimited texting was being offered, the subscription fee is really billed on top of your monthly fee. But what I don’t understand is that they are billing Unlimited texting, a value-added service, on top of their subscription for G-Flex subscribers. Wasn’t the GFlex plan supposed to be a glorified prepaid, because you get to consume your consummable every month?
  • False credit limits. Your credit limit with Globe doesn’t really apply. That figure is just there in your bill. It doesn’t do anything. You can spend as high as you want. I remember when my mom got a Globe postpaid, she spends P3,000 monthly than her 1,500 credit limit. You can spend as much as you can. You will just be surprised that your bill inflated to tens of thousands of pesos (try searching for Globe postpaid horror stories on the internet).
  • Delayed posting of payments. When you pay your bill today through their Business Centers, your payment will be seen by Globe’s system three (3) days after, which is a bit of annoying. Worse, when you pay at payment centers, you need to wait five (5) days before it gets posted to your account.
  • Definitely no way of contacting Customer Service when your calls are redirected to Globe. This is one thing that I hate about them. When you are redirected, you can’t even use your mobile phone to talk to their customer service to reactivate your account or even call all toll-free hotlines of Globe Telecom. So weird. How can you report to them that you already paid your bills, then?
  • Dialing 211 is often results to “Network Busy.” When I was still back in my province, I need to try at least five (5) times before I can reach 211’s answering machine. It was a bit of hassle for me back then.
  • SIM Card Replacement and Change of Mobile Phone Number fees are very expensive. If you happen to lose your Globe OptiSIM and you still wanted to get that 128K SIM card, you need to pay P300. Good thing about this one is that you can charge your change of SIM to your bill. Change of mobile phone number is also very expensive. If your line is already activated and suddenly you wanted to change your mobile phone number, it will cost you around P560 or P500. So when you apply for a change in number, be sure to do it before your line subscription is activated. I remember I changed my mobile phone number twice. I used the mobile phone numbers 09178428469 (which stands 0917842VINZ) and 09178484623 (091784VINCE). I wonder these days who are using those numbers. Also, I was also able to get their Globe OptiSIM Excel 2, their dual postpaid-and-prepaid SIM card. That was very expensive. It costed me P600.

Overall. I was satisfied with Globe’s postpaid service back when Unlimited Calling and Texting Services were still not yet available. This was the only service that Globe Telecom wasn’t able to offer to their postpaid subscribers at cheaper rates. They could have just said “add P250 to your monthly plan to get unlimited calling and texting services from 9 PM to 8 AM.” Also they can say, “why wait for 9PM to arrive. Get it as early as 6PM! Add 250 to get it at an earlier time” like what AT&T is offering to their postpaid subscribers.

So sad that they didn’t do it so they are left out in the unlimited texting and calling market.

60 thoughts on “Globe Postpaid Review

  1. i haven’t tried changing the number but I have lost my SIM (and phone) twice this year (unlucky me) and I was not charged for anything. as far as i know (and experienced) their postpaid SIM’s are free. btw, you could also replace your prepaid SIM’s for free.

    the fully loaded plan (so far) is good. fully consumable with promo subscriptions on top.

    how do you activate voice mail service again?



    • yes. nowadays, Globe is no longer charging postpaid subscribers for SIM replacement. but during my times that I subscribed to globe in 2004~2007, I was charged 300 pesos for the Globe Opti SIM, 600 for the Globe Opti SIM Excel 2 T.T

      Unfortunately, the voice mail service is no longer offered by Globe. Before, you can dial 280 and then just follow the voice prompt. ^__^


  2. is postpaid simcard automatically avtivated? I’ve been waiting three days from now, even calling globe helpline moment after moment, and after three days..dang! it is still unactivated.. any advise form the heart? haha seriously, any advise?


    • No…it’s not yet automatically activated T.T Sana gayahin nila ang Smart.. Dapat may checklist lang sila before activation, then in one hour, activated na ang line. I hope Globe changes their system of activating postpaid numbers… nakakainis, di ba?


  3. Question, im planning to get the PLAN 999 for the BB 8250, if i’ll subscribe to BB SOCIAL will that mean i would pay 1,299 every month? (since BB social is P300 per month)


  4. hi, i just received my postpaid kit.. and its not yet activated until now..if ever na pupunta ako sa business center iaactivate ba nila dun?thanks


  5. may i ask? pag po nagshare a load ako, 999 pa din ba babayadan ko kung hindi pa naman nalampas ng 999 ung total na naconsume ko?. thank you!🙂


  6. sabi sa ‘kin ng agent before aq magupgrade ng plan ko e pede ko daw i-downgrade after 30days tpos sabi ng isa pang agent ndi n daw. kailangan after two years daw. ano po ba talga?

    gusto ko na po sanang i-cancel ung acct. magkno po kaya?



  7. I applied for Postpaid via online, and it’s the second time, at after ng call confirming the requirements I passed, wala ng balita. Anyone from you here guys na ganto din na-experience? Gaano ba katagal usually ang application/approva/package send ng Globe to their subscribers?


  8. Someone stole my postpaid simcard and the free phone that comes with the kit. will they (GLOBE) just replace the simcard with no charge? or will they also replace the phone?

    kasi one of my friends told me that if you applied for a postpaid plan with Iphone4, and someone stole it, globe would replace the whole kit including new iphone4.



  9. Hi! I am kinda researching about the globe postpaid plans and its details. And I got into your article which is very interesting and informative. I just want to be enlighten about the “share-a-load” service from your consumable plan. I have a plan that is consumable for the amount of 3999. And if I’m going to share the 509 of it would it going to be deducted from the amount of my plan that is 3999? Or it’s going to be charge as a different fee. Please enlighten me with this. I just got to realized that I have to mind what’s on my bill and not just paying it without knowing if it’s accurate or right. Thank you for your post! And more sensible blog post to come!


  10. Tulungan q na si kuya dito, grabe kung makatanong ang iba, over, kala siguro sa blogger na to ay employee ng globe. Termination fee will be charged once you choose to cancel ur account within the alloted contract year. Usually man 2 years, so pag dh ka pa umabot ng 2yrs, then i cancel mo account mo, magbayad ka ng fee. I think its around 10k. Its for the compensation sa contrata nyo. Pero after two years, you can cancel your account without any charges.


  11. guys try restarting your phone within 24 – 48 hours after purchasing it, you dont have to wait for 2 or more days or even going to their business centers just to activate it. Its so simple and yet di man lang sabihin sa mga customers na ganon lang pala ang gagawin…grrrr


    • I got my iphone 4s last thursday. It’s been 48 hours, wala pa signal. Nagrerestart ako ng phone every hour, pero wa-effect! Susugod na naman ako sa business center. Nakakainis kasi nagbibigay sila ng timeframe, pero wala naman nangyayari. FALSE ASSURANCE!


    • It happened to my friend, 3days bfore naactivate.. Anyways, how long wait time mo bfore mo nkuha unit mo? Ung sabing nasa reservation list ka na at waiting nlng…


  12. Ask ko lang, talaga ka bang advance ang charge sa Monthly Recurring Fee ng 1 month, for example ang billing ko is Decemeber 24 to January 23, 2012, then ang charges nila sakin sa MRF is Jan 24to Feb 23, so weird, talaga bang ganun di ko pa ginagamit i need to pay agad?


    • yeah. same issue with my billing statement. the csr agent i spoke to says ganun daw talga. pero i’m not giving up. i asked where she’s getting her answers and she wasn’t able to give me a reference. puntahan ko daw ung business center kung san ako kumuha ng line kasi andun ung contract. my postpaid line with sun wasn’t like that nman. kaya it’s weird to see something like that sa billing statement. i even told them na it doesn’t make sense as it seems i got myself a bigtime prepaid plan instead of a postpaid. 1799 ba nman. sinuswerte nman nila kung d ko gamitin tpos bayad na ako.


  13. hi! my phone got snatch last saturday.. postpaid sya.. i went to globe yesterday to get a new sim with my old number (postpaid).. i inserted to a phone pero simcard doesnt seem working… walang signal.. bakit ganon? thanks…


  14. Hi! ask ko po kung how long ang waiting time bago makuha ang unit,
    pagnagapply ka online for an iphone 4s postpaid?



    • takes a very long time. go apply at a business center na lng. takes 10min only if you have the complete requirements. my online and hotline applications took me 3months. napagod na lng sa kaka-follow up. matagal lng sa releasing because they only have one counter tapos andaming kumukuha ng new line. pero at least you know you’re getting the phone na.


  15. Hi guys, ask ko lang if merong nakakaalam dito, What if madelay ka sa pagbayad ng plan mo? Ex. Delayed for 1week? May extra fee ba na idadagdag sayo? Thanks🙂


    • Hi there! There’s no extra fee for not paying on time. You can even pay just a partial of the amount due but make sure to pay the whole amount before your next bill arrives so you won’t get disconnected.


  16. I want to terminate my post paid as I am not a super user of internet but they billed me for data charges. You can even see in my bill that I availed zero messages or calls but my bill exceeded my plan. I’m on my 1 year and 1 month, I have a hand set and globe tattoo stick. What are terms of terminating my account? What are the fees to be settled?


  17. I just got my bill …. Nkkalito ang billing nila…

    Credit Limit P2,300.00
    Statement Summary Amount
    Previous Bill Charges
    Less: Payments (Thank you) (999.00)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Remaining Balance from Previous Bill (P999.00)
    Current Bill Charges
    Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF) 1,438.65
    Usage (Net of Consumable) 10.89
    VAT 172.74
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Total Current Bill P1,622.28
    Statement of Account
    Bill Number 1
    Bill Period 22 Jul 14 -09 Aug 14

    anu yn? MRF Fee?
    WTF? 999 plan libre dw ung phone… pero bkt gnyn?


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