NEW Globe Postpaid–My Super Plan Review

Update (March 26, 2015): Sad to say, Globe again magically removed the My Super Plan or My Fully Loaded Plan, like what the company did to its previous G-Plans (GText, GTalk, GTalk Plus, etc), G-Flex Plans (G-Flex 800, G-Flex 1200, etc) and its entry level plans (Personal, Advantage, etc).

There is a new, updated version of this blog post. You can read that new post by clicking here.

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  2. Sir nag-apply po ung ate ko sa globe ng s4 plan1799. Pero akin po iyon. Parang pinangalan ko lng sa knya kc my balance pa ko sa Wimax 3k p ata balance ko. Binigay ni ate ko ung number, tsaka personal info k sa Globe kc tatawag daw cla sakin pra i-verify/confirm kong tama ung mga infomation na inilagay niya. Almost 17days na po at wala parin. Maari kayang nalaman ng globe na my balance pa ako?tas hindi nla inapproved ung plan.

    P.s. tumawag cla kanina sa ate ko at sinabing tatawagan daw ako.ano kaya ang tatanungin nila?pag nkausap ko na ba sila. pwd na naming kunin ung phone?tnx po🙂


  3. Hi… can i change my mobile number kahit naka lock in pa sa 24months Contract? May nanggugulu kc sa akin. Kahit may charge nlng ang pagchange ng number. THanks.


  4. Please Help.. im new to globe, 1 week ago we avail globe tattoo postpaid plan 299 (50hrs Surfing) but until now nakakapag internet pa kami kahit lagpas na kami ng 50hrs allotted time. question ko lang po kung kusa ba ito mag stop or it will be added to my bill ung mga sobrang time that we’ve used? another question po is how do i know my globe tattoo postpaid number? wala naman nakalagay sa sim / sa pinagtanggalan ng sim / sa box / sa receipt at wala ring akong account number na ibinigay sa akin ng c-service… Thanks


  5. This is my problem!

    my first bill cost me 5062 which include my handset fee that supposed to be free by my plan 499 and whats funny about this globe dont release handset until you gave them the payment for the phone so if you think they cant gave me the handset as long as is not free of charge right?
    (samsung duos) = 3214.25
    then i thought i was consuming a large amount of internet connection because i wasnt aware of computing how much kbps we consume when we browse and download .
    then when i saw this post from other blog (
    (“To my horror, I would have to pay almost P3000 pesos! That’s because I have used over 10,000 KB of data!”)
    so may internet usage is 23,509.00Kb and total 2,760.00mins 2days of nonstop browsing
    that cause me
    KB Browsing Charges – WEB/Internet 23,509.00Kb 0.00
    KB Browsing Charges – WAP
    Total Volum 51,200.00Kb 312.20
    Less: Free/Bonus Volume 51,200.00Kb 312.20 CR
    Total KB Browsing Charges – WAP 0.00
    Time Browsing Charges – WAP 2,760.00mins 821.01
    Sub-Total (Browsing Charges) 821.01
    Powersurf Savings 17.44 CR
    Sub-Total (Billable Browsing Charges) 803.57

    now let me total my txt and call fee its was 52.22
    then the total amount that i consume was 860.12

    then my monthly recurring fee is worth 891.08 this was for two months payment.
    summing all of this payment coz me 5,062
    i was shock with this then i called them.(ill make the story short)
    first agent told me that when he computed my total amount less all the possible things that he can less my payable amount is total of 1350+ so i was ok with this.
    then i thought it was ok but globe texted me that i still must pay for 5K+ bill so i called them to clarify things again .
    2nd agent told me that my total payment was 1413 then i ask her why the other agent told me a different amount then she told me blah blah blah and then i just ok ill pay for this amount just make sure that all problem with my account will be settle so after 2weeks i was billed with my 2nd billing.
    and i was shock again! that my payment was 5,275.26

    so i called them again!
    3rd agent told me that i have 2nd bill so b4 he continue to discuss things for my 2nd bill i ask her why i still have previous balance of 3,649.35.
    i told her to compute again my first bill then he came out of 1,900k w0w another different computatiion (“take note i already settled my first billed that coz me 1413”)
    then after that i told her why she telling me another different computation and then she pause and didnt tell me anything for atleast 45sec then she hang up then doesnt call me back
    (*note i have xperience that if the line was cut they will return a call back but they didnt call!)

    so i was concluding this new all system was a mest because they cant even defend all the client/consumer question and still they want us to pay for the bill so our plan are still going and if you dont pay they will cut it up but all we got is nothing but a trash answer from them how we can trust them that we pay for all we used not we pay for all they want us to pay.

    sorry for poor english =)



  6. Hi, Ask ko lang po after sending my application of “Globe Best-Ever mySuperPlan” through ur website, I received a confirmation email regarding my cah out details and monthly payment. What will I do next? Do I have to wait for the call of representative or I can now go to the globe and pay the cash out whenever I want?
    Thank you.


  7. what should I do if the costumer service gave me the wrong combos? for my plan 1799 ip5s, i have 3200 pv. i asked for unlinet999+2 g2g calls for 20 min +9 allnetxt which is 2099+phone price of 1100=3200 peso value.

    pgdating ng bill ko na shock ako na instead of 1799 a month lng ang bbyaran ko naging 2500 kse maling combos ang binigay sakin ng costumer service,

    nagulat nalang ako na hindi pla ako nka unlinet999 kundi naka power surf daw ako at ung allnetxt ko is 10 instead of 9. dahil sa katangahan ng costumer service. then I still have to suffer of not having an unlinet999 until nxt month kc cut off date ko daw is on jan 12 pa so jan 11 ko pa pwede palitan kc bka macharge daw ako dahl ng start na ang billing ko kc dec 17 na. like this is sooo unfair.

    I have to pay for the costumer service’s fault and I have to suffer another month of not having the unli999net that I asked for when I first avail this plan. hindi ba pwedeng i credit back sakin ung exceeded bill ko na 700+ dahil error un ng costumer service nla and it is clearly not my fault, and can I not wait for jan 11 pa to change my combos?


  8. hi..

    I’m new sa pagsubscribe ng MY SUPER Plan499, almost 15 years aq sa Smart then nagtry ako magglobe. Ang sabi kasi ng agent is yung plan499 na plan is with unlimited text plus consumables then yung nag apply ako at naaprove sabi naman hinde, mamimili lang ako sa mga combos which is may 125txt to all networks at depende sa iyo kung ilang combo nun, masyadong bitin sakin ang consumables eh, mamaya top of the bill na pala ako pag nagtext. Ang question ko is pwede ko pa ba mailipat ng ibang plan yung plan499 to plan 599 to avail unli calls ang txt, since this coming month palang ang first bill ko? Thanks🙂


  9. hey i have a question..2474 E-factory keep texting me at yung plan ko 1799 ay nging 2078.2 nagkaroon ako ng charges sa mms..tapos next bill ko nging 2108.7 and still ngtetext parin sakin yung 2474 khit ngreply nko ng ba angreason kung bakit tumaas bill ko..pls reply nman.thanks!


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  11. tanong ko lng po ung postpaid plan po kc ng friend q e dsconctd na nong july 15 2015 pa…kc d na nya nbyaran…. totoo po b na ma blck lsted n cxa at dna mkakuha ulit ng plan


    • Well, I heard that there are now credit rating companies in the Philippines. Meron nang TransUnion Philippines and there are other credit rating companies. Yes, you can still get a line with your cellphone company by paying your past dues but you might have some trouble getting a credit card or any kind of bank loan in the future because of your friend’s bad paying habits.


  12. hi may tanong ako pwede bako mag palit ng unit from samsung to iphone ? pero di ko pa tapos bayaran ung samsung ko 3 months ko palang nagagamit….


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